ISCSI and Volume Utiization High

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I'm New!
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ISCSI and Volume Utiization High

Postby ADSTech-Tony » Fri Mar 20, 2015 3:40 am

Hello all, first time Posting. I have a RS2414+ on a Negear Switch using 3 links of the Synology with lacp and one nic on my management network. I have 2 VMware 4.1 closter running iscsi to the sinology with different iscsi links to different iscsi storage on the sinology which is on one disk group and the iscsi luns are block level.

My issue is that I'm having slow downs on my exchange server and when I noticed the performance monitor in sinology everything was on the flow except for utilization iscsi and utilization volume which is floating during the day from 65% to 85%. I've contacted support and they have been all over the place, from claiming that my synology was showing 100meg, when its I can see on the switch and on the synology all connected at full duplex gig, to they don't see an issue, to it just needs a reboot.

On the vm side I have two nics on the iscsi side setup for mpio round robin, different ip's same vlan and jumbo frames setup on the VMware side/ netgear lacp/ synology lacp.

Any and all advice welcome. I use to have this on a netgear 3200 nas and it ran 100 times better than on the synology. Nothing else is running on the synology, no other services (support wanted me to turn off services in the app area, when I said nothing was running 2 days before they mention anything else.)

Please help.
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Re: ISCSI and Volume Utiization High

Postby OldMan » Mon Apr 27, 2015 11:28 pm

I'm over a month late but how you go with this?

If you are sure your networking is ok and jumbo frames is achieved on the interfaces (ping -f -l) then it Sounds like you are running out of IOPS.

what type of disks are you using?
What type of Raid?
Are you using any Cache?

I went from a raid 5 to raid 6 and raid 10 and also added more ram and SSD cache and made a massive improvement.

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