Volume often at 100% and best configuration for our equipment

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Volume often at 100% and best configuration for our equipment

Postby lucacalcaterra » Mon Mar 27, 2017 2:49 pm


in our company we use 2 Xenserver hosts configured in a pool with shared storage on NFS which resides on a Synology DS415+ (SHR2 X 4 disk - 4Tb every one). We have another DS415+ with same storage size and configuration.

Btrfs works quite well but we have often 100% volume utilization on NAS causing vm guests slowdown and... since Xen doesn't take advantages of Synology benefits for virtualization we essentially don't need btrfs file system.

How is the best configuration can you suggest me for performance? Do you think upgrading to a better Synology model we can gain performance ?

Another thing i would to like to have is replicating storage like a SAN but seem's the only way is Synology HA technology... seems to much overhead to manage it.

Can you give me some of your opinion or advice?


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Re: Volume often at 100% and best configuration for our equipment

Postby Squozen » Thu Aug 31, 2017 3:12 pm

SHR-2 for a 4-disk array will be hideous for performance (as you're finding). I would suggest using RAID10 instead which gives the same amount of space but doesn't suffer the same write penalty as SHR-2.

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