DFS Replication from Win2012R2 VM, which is the best solution? NFS target or iSCSI target from ESXi (or VM)?

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DFS Replication from Win2012R2 VM, which is the best solution? NFS target or iSCSI target from ESXi (or VM)?

Unread post by adsodamelk » Sun Feb 12, 2017 11:57 pm

Hi everyone,

I have to sync file shares between two locations (I need two way replication).
On both location I have an ESXi vSphere 6 host with a few win2012R2 VM (DC and others) and a Synology mid-range NAS (RackStation 10bay). Both ESXi/NAS couple are connected through a 4x1 Gbit LACP bond.

After months of trials, I went to conclusion that Cloud Station ShareSync is not yet affordable because I have huge numbers of files to synch (150.000+)

So I'm going to setup DFS Replication on win2012R2 VM: they are on the DAS of ESXi host, but I want to keep the data files are on RackStation storage.

I know that Windows Server can do DFS Replication only with storage that it sees as block, so I list three options:

1) create NFS shared folder on Syno, add as NFS datastore to ESXi host and then create on it and additional disk for Win2012r2 VM

2) the same of previous, but using iSCSI target accessed from ESXi host instead of NFS

3) iSCSI target accessed not from ESXi host, but directly from Win2012R2 VM

Do I miss any other option?

Which is the best solution in terms of:
- speed
- ease of configuration
- backup

In various forum/guidelines I read that iSCSI target accessed from ESXi offer slow performance compared to NFS based datastore, so it seems that I have to choose between the first and third option.

What do you think?

Thanks in advance!

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