Synology 1515+ LACP + ESX 6

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Synology 1515+ LACP + ESX 6

Unread post by clavell1977 » Sun Feb 12, 2017 6:34 pm

Hi All,

There's a Syno 1515+ with a volume (4x3TB, RAID10 array) shared via NFS. If i measure the throughput directly on Syno-box (ssh, dd, checking the resource monitor), it give cca. 300 MBytes/sec, which is quite normal. The Syno's 4 interfaces are configured into a bond, 802.3ad LACP (shows 4000GB Full duplex on the mgmt interface). This connected to a TP-Link SG2216 swith, also configured LAG LACP active. To the switch, an ESX 6 physical host connected, with 3 gigabit NIC, configured to a distributed switch, active LACP. When i issue a measure on a running VM which uses this NFS datastore, it gives no more than 90 MBytes/sec, which seems for me that it is only uses 1 gigabit link speed, so it does not seem loadbalanced...

I would like to use the speed of the 3 vmnic aggregated speed, which, of course, would be much more faster than 90 MBytes/sec.

Any suggestion, idea, alternatives ?

Thank you in advance !

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