Need a suggestion on vmware and which synology i have to...

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Need a suggestion on vmware and which synology i have to...

Postby vanyie » Wed Jan 13, 2016 12:59 am


I have 2 (perhaps 3) old 2003 servers
i would like to import them as VM on vmware Vsphere essential (or essential plus) kit

I would like to use synology as storage

i'm thinking to use RS815+ or DS415+ or DS716+ as storage. (with wd red pro hd 2TB)

First server have to survive but it isn't used, the second server is low used, the third is currently used as domain server and as management software backup.

I have less then 10 clients.

Do you think that on pf those three nas could be used as storage?

Thanks to all and sorry for my english
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Re: Need a suggestion on vmware and which synology i have to

Postby Pentangle » Mon Jan 18, 2016 11:13 pm

It will work but it will be SLOW.

If you are only using WD Red Pro 2Tb drives, make sure you set the RAID type to RAID10. You will only get 4Tb total storage from 4 drives, but for VMware you NEED the IOPS more than the storage capacity (or else get a better Synology with a faster processor and more drive bays).

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