iSCSI questions

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iSCSI questions

Unread post by DiPersiaTech » Mon Mar 26, 2012 8:31 pm

Let me start by saying I'm brand new to iSCSI. Have used it a tiny bit in the past and have a basic understanding of the concepts, but need to make sure I do this right.

Just purchased an RS812RP+. The SOLE purpose of this unit is for archival storage that will be accessible through our existing file servers via iSCSI so we can easily manage sharing and DSF, if necessary, via Active Directory.

The unit has about 3.6TB of space available in it right now. We plan on using the Windows iSCSI initiator to keep things simple. First question - can I make an iSCSI lun that is the complete size of the unit and connect to that single LUN from multiple Windows servers/initiators? Since we're going to use this for archival, I'd rather just take the entire RAID instead of slicing it up since we really have no idea of what our drive requirements will be from the multiple file servers (Different archival purposes based on the server.)


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