HA and New Network cards

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HA and New Network cards

Unread post by Paddi » Wed Jan 03, 2018 11:36 am


i was just wondering how easy it is to add new cards once HA has been set up , i currently have 8x 1GB ports( 4 fixed & 4 added) , i have 2 bonded for the Hart beat and 2 bonded for Management

but i want to look at adding in either a dual port 10GB fiber card (E10G17-F2) or 2 single port ones, i understand i would need the same across both of the "RS3614xs+" that i have,

but would i need to break the HA cluster to install them and get them up and running ? and would they throw any errors due to not being used as the heartbeat connection ( guide says to use fastest connection)

i'm hoping it a simple down one server install , bring it back up and down the other and install ...

any pointers would be great thanks

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