(Newbie) DS414 keeps disconnecting

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I'm New!
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(Newbie) DS414 keeps disconnecting

Unread post by headshotzx » Mon Jan 01, 2018 7:38 pm

Hey folks, Happy New Year!

New guy here with a problem that I've had since I purchased this unit from... when the 414 was still in stores. I'm just a newbie content creator so I'm not the most well-versed with networking, so help me out!

My problem is that the NAS completely blocks off access from users at times when it's under specifically high loads, such as when I transfer my content files or when I have multiple torrents happening. The first sign of this is when my Windows Explorer transfer prompts me that there's an error and the network location cannot be found / accessed. I'll open My Computer and realise that my mapped drives are disconnected. Pinging my server won't work, and when I head into my router devices list I can see that the NAS has dropped off.

Now, there are two ways that I've been solving this. A hard restart will almost always absolutely solve the problem (but sometimes the NAS doesn't even want to shut down properly after I've held down the power button, even after a few hours). The second method that sometimes works is that I port my 1x RJ45 over to the other LAN port, and log into the specific IP address. If this works, I either remap my network locations on Windows, or I go into Control Panel -> Network, and change the IP address for the new LAN port to become the old one, so I don't have to remap all folders on my devices.

Any idea what's going on here? Hope to hear from you folks!


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