DS418 - Firewall with VPN and DS

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DS418 - Firewall with VPN and DS

Postby Feely » Wed Dec 06, 2017 11:10 am


I've just bought a DS418, it run the last DSM, and i have configured a VPN (openvpn) on it.

I have 2 problem with it :
1- When i connect the VPN, i can't access to my synology through QuickConnect, i have activated "use multiples gateway" in network ssettigns, but it doesn't work.
2- I have activated and configured firewall rules in the panel control to block BT protocols on the LAN 1 Network (the one i used actually). But if i run a torrent download, the downlaod works fine.
I tried many things, blocking specifics ports manually, emule and ftp protocols etc...

But the firewall keep the download working.

As you can imagine, my goal at least is to block download on LAN Connection and to allow it on the VPN one. That will be secure for me if the VPN goes down, the downloads won't work and i wont h'ave troubles :wink:

Can you help me please?

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