<SOLVED> Lost bootstrap after update to DSM DSM 5.0-4482

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<SOLVED> Lost bootstrap after update to DSM DSM 5.0-4482

Unread post by calagan » Wed Apr 30, 2014 5:40 am

UPDATE: ipkg and all my optware apps were still in /volume1/@optware (mounted as /opt), so this was an easier fix than I expected: re-adding /opt/bin and /opt/sbin in the PATH did the trick.

I rushed into updating my DS411slim to DSM 5.0-4482 in order to fix the Heartbleed vulnerability and I had a couple of unpleasant surprises.

First, I noticed that I could not receive any e-mails, as the update broke the postfix config of my Zarafa (own domain setup). I fixed it by reapplying the changes to master.template and main.template as described in http://www.zarafa.com/wiki/index.php/Za ... nology_NAS.

It got worse when I realised that bootstrap was gone after the update: "ipkg: not found" !!. I had installed it via the very convenient package from http://packages.quadrat4.de, but it turns out the developer decided to retire and his bootstrap package are not compatible with DSM 5.

I guess I'm left with installing bootstrap the hard way (unless ipkg is just hiding somewhere on my HDD?), but I can't seem to find the version that matches the mv6282 CPU of my DS411slim? Am I supposed to use the one below?
http://ipkg.nslu2-linux.org/feeds/optwa ... -7_arm.xsh

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Re: <SOLVED> Lost bootstrap after update to DSM DSM 5.0-4482

Unread post by maxxfi » Mon May 05, 2014 6:32 am

Check the wiki article:
http://forum.synology.com/wiki/index.ph ... ,_ipkg_etc

The bootstrap that you should use is the syno-mvkw-bootstrap_1.2-7_arm-ds111.xsh mentioned there (that has a relaxed platform checking).

Note that if you were on 4.3 (and you're unhappy with 5.0), Synology has now published the hotfix for heartbleed.
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