Install bluetooth dongle

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Install bluetooth dongle

Unread post by raller » Sat Aug 25, 2012 9:58 am


I have a DS410J, and I would like to install a bluetooth dongle on it, to connect it with my photovoltage system (SMA 3000-TL21). I spent a few days searching for information, and trying to figure it out. The last two days, I have been stuck and id really appreciate some help.

I have 20+ years of development experience on windows, but must admit that I am a noob on linux platform.

To my understanding, i need to compile some .ko files, and register these on the system.

I have been following this guide (german - translated using google): ... th_Treiber

I am stuck in the point where I need to do a 'make menuconfig'. When I execute that command I get a:

NetStorage> make menuconfig
gcc -DCURSES_LOC=<curses.h> -DLOCALE -lncurses -L/usr/lib -xc - -o .lxdialog.tmp
/volume1/Shared/linux/source/linux-2.6.32/scripts/kconfig/lxdialog/check-lxdialo line 84: ldd: not found
*** Unable to find the ncurses libraries or the
*** required header files.
*** 'make menuconfig' requires the ncurses libraries.
*** Install ncurses (ncurses-devel) and try again.
make[1]: *** [scripts/kconfig/dochecklxdialog] Error 1
make: *** [menuconfig] Error 2

I have installed ncurses. is located under /usr/lib. Checked that it is there.

Note that I modded to get a little more debug info out (using echo). I also tried to add -L/usr/lib to explicit point to where the library is installed.

Can anyone help me on how to solve this problem?

Thanks :)

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