newcs 1.67RC1 working on 410j with DSM 3.0 and AseDriveIIIe!

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newcs 1.67RC1 working on 410j with DSM 3.0 and AseDriveIIIe!

Postby tor_M6 » Sun Sep 26, 2010 11:51 pm

I want to move my W7 media center installation from windows (it is, unfortunately, due to Technotrend drivers unstability).
I start moving from smartcard device migration to Linux.

the idea is to attach my usb smartcard PC/SC reader device and start newcs on Synology 410j based on DSM 3.
I need: newcs binaries for my platform, USB support (already available on the box, except libusb), pcsc generic API (not available, need pcsc_lite daemon to port and run), and particular device driver for my hardware.

I installed (of course) native compiling tools chain (check synology guide about).

then, take pcsc_lite 1.6.4
compile and install (on my case to /usr/local/), seems that need to use --disable-libhal and correct libusb.
problem that libusb which installed by ipkg do not have any development "usb.h", so, I need to download and compile libusb from the site ... 29/0.1.12/
pay attention that you need exactly 0.1.12 version (which is not latest), to compile AseDrive Linux driver.
this can be not a case for other hardware.

take linux drivers from Ase site (3.7) for PCSC ... .7.tar.bz2
take a look to readme as well, most of the usb staff is already available on the Synology box.
compile them and install to default locations (add necessary packages if need, don't remember details)

then, be sure that it installed bundle into /usr/local/lib/pcsc/drivers/ifd-ASEDriveIIIe-USB.bundle
and that you have you pcscd in /usr/local/sbin/
this is default for "make install", should be ok.

in this moment you can run /usr/local/sbin/pcscd & (it will fork as a daemon) and attach your reader with smartcard.
you can also try to start testpscs to check that it can find your device (not going too deep).
in my case it does not require "reader.conf" file, everything works ok even without it by default.

than, take full newcs 1.67RC1 distro and run
/yourpath/bin/newcs.coolstream.pcsc -c /yourpath/newc.xml &

it will generate newcslog.txt in current dir

pay attention that you need coolstream newcs for current synology 410j ARM device due to linux version (

Note: probably you need to adjust path for shared libraries, for pcscd as well (I have part of staff in /opt/lib, so, I need to use "LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/opt/lib". you can place this string into /etc/profile)

of course, you need to update your newcs.xml file with pcsc card description.

this was checked to work with Russian Akado cable tv provider, and xml file was just copied from windows without any changes (except listening IP address!)

now it successfully work for windows 7 media center.

by the way, you need to start both daemons automatically, still not find "most correct" way (don't like to modify /usr/syno/etc/rc.d - but... probably the best place?)

probably this information (I don't call this guide ;-) can help someone to make the same operation, if need.
probably I will place compiled binaries somewhere (not sure that this is a good idea, you need some config staff around which typically installed/modified by "make install").
same (except particular newcs.pcsc binaries) should be correct for other synology boxes.

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