DS3611xs - hands on experience?

Anything related to hardware modding of the Synology Disk Station, including modifying the RAM, or changing the color scheme of the Disk Station and others.
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DS3611xs - hands on experience?

Postby NilsT » Tue Dec 05, 2017 5:52 pm

Hi, I'm planning to buy a used DS3611xs and modding it. I'm not sure if the pricing is right on the box I'm planning to buy, it will set me back around 640,-USD

I have been reading up, on the thread on this board, regarding cpu swapping on DS3611xs/DS3612xs, and I'm looking to replace the cpu with an Xeon 1240 v1/sandy bridge. Is there anybody who can tell me what kind of cpu heatsinks I might replace the stock synology one with?

Are there owners of DS3611xs, in this forum, who can confirm if it can handle a ram upgrade of 4 x 8gb ECC ram? Or if the board is limited to only 4 x 4gb ECC ram?

Also, so far I've been looking at putting some 8-10tb wd reds in the box, but I'm not sure if the Sata-300 will be an limitation to the discs?

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