Large Differences in Transfer Speeds.

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Large Differences in Transfer Speeds.

Unread post by Alloy » Thu May 10, 2012 7:53 am

Hey, just bought my NAS last week and spent the last few days moving heavy amounts of data from my internal drives onto the new NAS. The issue I'm noticing is that my transfer speeds seem to differ greatly depending on where I initiate the transfer. Originally I was bottle necked by my old network equipment (10/100) but I have thrown in a gigabit switch and was able to get the transfer rate going NAS -> PC ~80MB/s (2TB internal Sata drive no other operations in the PC, 3TB single disk in the NAS, initiated from the PC). However same operation initiated from the NAS is only maybe ~30MB/s.
I have had to move some drives around because I made the mistake of not reading up on expanding volumes and started my transfers again this time with the 2TB in the NAS and the 3TB in the PC. This time going from PC -> NAS is about ~50-60MB/s initiated from the PC but sub 20MB/s when I do the same operation from the NAS.
For clarification when I am running the transfer from the PC I am doing it via UNC path \\192.168.XXX.XXX then copy pasting. When running from the NAS I am using the File Station and copying from the locally auto mapped drives.
Any help would be greatly appreciated and please ask me to elaborate further if needed.

PC File System is NTFS
NAS is using SHR (ext4)
Both dives are 72k rpm

Thanks again.

PS. It would probably have been useful to mention that I am using DSM 4.0, Windows 7 and that the NAS is the DS411.

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