Slow 918+ transfer

IF your questions pertains to using the file server performance, transfer issues, jumbo frames tuning, post it here.
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I'm New!
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Slow 918+ transfer

Unread post by MrCurly » Fri Feb 09, 2018 7:08 am

Hi Everybody,

I should start by saying I'm new to this forum - and NAS appliances..
I have just taken the plunge on a 918+ for our home office and was giving it a basic test. The setup is straight out of the box, 4GB ram, no changes - other than a single 8TB WD RED setup for all defaults, SHR and BTRFS, with no encryption. The disk scan completed overnight with no errors, and the NAS appears to be running as expected, minimal CPU usage and zero activity - and is visible from our workgroup.

The plan was to transfer everything off one partition of my XPS1330 SSD (around 90GB of files) simply to test the tfr speed, then do the same with a pair of RAID'd 4TB units I have in a desktop PC - then initialize and rehome those 4TB REDs to the NAS (they are effectively NOS). This is all based on ensuring all was as expected - it isnt! it is actually slower than a USB2 connected HDD.

Transfer from the XPS is via a 100MB ethernet connection across an AC88U gigabit router to the NAS. Both the NAS and the router show the connections are 1GB, while the Laptop connection is slower, and shows the n/w connection at 100MB with a 1500MTU size (same as the NAS). Obviously I'm limited to the ethernet card speed from the old Dell and that is an expected bottleneck, however the speed of the transfer using the suggested drag and drop method into the browser is in KB/sec - not MB! ... so after two days 24x7 it has transferred around 40GB to the NAS, at speeds varying up to around 400KB/s.

I have tried this after disconnecting the ethernet, using the laptops N rated wifi card - it would be a metre from the router, its still glacial. I may need to test it further from the desktop box when I can get that fired up, to see whether the tfr rate is any better.

Are there some basic settings on the NAS that I am missing here?

BTW - I did notice that video files sent to the NAS (despite the EONS they took to get there), are playable on my laptop with no signs of any performance issues across the network, so this only appeasr to be a write issue.

Thanks in advance.

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Re: Slow 918+ transfer

Unread post by fastyan » Tue Mar 13, 2018 2:29 pm

have you tried copying directly to the smb share and not via the browser?
i don't do any up/downloading via the broswer just straight via the share

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Re: Slow 918+ transfer

Unread post by Rusty1281 » Tue Mar 13, 2018 5:01 pm

So just to be clear you have a single drive in this NAS atm, yes?

Have you configured SBM/AFP or NFS services on the NAS (Control Panel>File Services) and tried to access your NAS via:

Code: Select all

Mounting a shared folder this way should give you much better performance then using the File Station web interface. Also if you do mount the shared folders using SMB/CIFS or any other protocol for that matter, try and test your speed using a single large file, not multiple smaller files, just so you see how much is the read/write speed (depending on the direction).
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