Speedtest - For the life of me!

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Do you want an easy DSM speedtest for Synology NAS <--> Internet?

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Re: Speedtest - For the life of me!

Postby pezball » Wed Jan 03, 2018 8:49 pm

jyski wrote:My most recent need is proof to the cable company that they are rate-limiting me to a lesser plan than I'm paying for.

The problem with that is that more or less all providers only guarantee a "up-to" speed, so anything from zero up to that speed is a fully functional connection in their opinion. It means your "proof" will not be taken into consideration because "up-to" never comes with a "down-to" counterpart in the contract.
There are simply too many external factors which limit your actual speed at any given time, so no provider is willing to guarantee a minimum speed. Because it would make them liable when you visit a website which has a limit of 100 kbps per client for whatever reason. Or when your connection goes through a slower than turbo router somewhere. The provider can not guarantee that you will always have max speed connection to all sites, because there are no guaranteed routes on the internet. One day a router is down, and your traffic goes the slow way around the world instead.

And if you want to prove your case, you might as well do a regular speedtest on your computer, on same LAN. Your NAS will be a choke-point on any reasonably quick LAN, so it will probably not be able to give you the true top speed. If you get 80-90% of your theoretical speed on a computer, the provider is not cheating in anyway. But on the NAS you may get much slower simply because it's not fast enough to showel such amounts of data quickly enough. A gigabit port only defines the top speed for individual internet packets, it says nothing about the delay time between packets.
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Re: Speedtest - For the life of me!

Postby jyski » Thu Jan 04, 2018 12:44 am

I understand your points and I wouldnt rely on a NAS test as formal proof to present to the provider, it would be more for self awareness. But speedtest threads can be analyzed for invocation of rate-limit or FAUP policies by the providers and I am mostly concerned with having trend data that I can look at to determine when a significant and consistent reduction in throughput has occurred. Then i can start analyzing the test flows for forced packet drops etc, and run more proving tests. Most recently I found where my plan was adjusted/reduced at some point to a lower rate plan....yet still being billed for for the higher plan. After confronting the provider about it, it was mysteriously restored the same day. I had probably been reduced for a couple of months before I found it, so a monthly trend report from the NAS would be handy to start with.
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Re: Speedtest - For the life of me!

Postby djcastaldo » Thu Jan 04, 2018 7:17 am

I usually use speedtest on my computer to test the internet speeds to my network:

The Synology NAS doesn't show downloads quite this high though, but I use the python script posted in this thread to test it:

As far as local LAN speeds, I use LAN Speed test to verify the read/write speeds to my AFP shares:

These existing tools work well for me. I am using an EdgeRouter to get these WAN speeds to computers on my LAN.

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