Speeding up the 1515+

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I'm New!
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Speeding up the 1515+

Unread post by MagnumZ » Sun Jun 18, 2017 1:03 pm

I've got the 1515+ which I mainly use as a photoarchive. I've been hoping to get a high capacity drive which I could also work off, which I haven't been able to because of the 100 MB/s transfer rate. I've read that the drive can deliver up to 400 MB/s but it's only beneficial if there are more than one computer working on it at the same time and each computer would still only get about 100MB/s.

Now I'm thinking if there is any way to work around that and get more than 100MB/s per computer. Either getting a 10gbe switch, connect all 4 ports to the switch and then connect the computer to the switch using the 10gbe cable. Or connecting multiple ethernet cables to the computer using something like this:
mod note: shop link removed

What do you guys think? Could it work? I don't need the whole 400MB/s, but something like 200-300MB/s would be so much easier to work with.

It would probably make most sense to get a synology with 10gbe, but would be good to get to use the 1515 a bit longer.

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Re: Speeding up the 1515+

Unread post by mervincm » Mon Jun 19, 2017 3:33 pm

Currently you have no supported option to get over 110MB/sec to or from your synology 1515+ and a single PC system.
10gig helps only when it is in both the NAS and the PC.

you have hope for the future as once SAMBA (the project that creates the SMB module that synology uses) officially supports multichannel SMB, you can then use multiple 1 gig links in your PC and multiple 1 gig links in your NAS at the same same copying the same file even.

PS You can actually do it already if you want, it is just a bad idea as the current support for this feature is "experimental" and not for production.
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