My life with RS3617xs

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My life with RS3617xs

Unread post by MiAD » Thu May 18, 2017 9:06 pm


I've had nothing but issues with this model.At this point i hate it and i cant stand it. anyway, i am running ISCSIs of our shared drives to our offices. we have 40 onsite, the rest are in remote locations 5 users per location and we have a total of 16 locations.

I also, have another one which is the RS3614xs.


(EX1 VM + DFS VM is on RS3614xs and EX2 VM + Shared Drives is on RS3617xs) (EX1 and EX2 are in a DAG) - All volumes are represented through ISCSI
Both SANs have their own internal network to communicate with Bonded network setup to our servers. Technically and according to the Bonded network info I should have 3000 Mbps, Full duplex, MTU 1500 ( for DAG replication ) and 1000 Mbps, Full duplex, MTU 1500 for LAN Network.

RS3614xs - no issues (knock on wood)

RS3617xs DSM 6.1-15047 Update 2 - Major issues ( system hangs - unpredictable ) once every week, twice a week. SOLID DISK LIGHTS. Manually power off and on. to get it back on again.

Support - 2 months Ticket open with Support, logs - tests etc all performed . And in the end the command was issues to suppose help me is "/bin/ethtool -K bond0 tx off sg off tso off"

Result; It made it worst - SAN started to go down 2 times a day. ( reverted settings )

RMA is on its way now. hopefully its a hardware issue.

If not, Can you please help me out here. the system is stock with 4GB of RAM. I've done my diligence and apparently if i am running a VMs I need a 10GbE network card. Which one and what switch ? Copper or Fibre? - If its in fact my system bottle-necked why the older model is working fine?

At this point, i need some help from the community!

Thank you all in advance.

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Re: My life with RS3617xs

Unread post by iknowtech » Fri May 19, 2017 12:36 am

Wish I could help, but I'm seeing similar hanging issues where the Synology Devices running DSM 6.1.1 start hanging after less than 24 hours of use. 2 of them are DS216+ that only run Synology SS8, the other is my personal DS1812+ that runs a lot of different packages.

I've been dealing with Synology for over a month and getting nowhere on the DS216's. Today's request of me is to do Full DSM resets and reinstall both from scratch.

Is your newer model running BTRFS file system? Do you frequently see 100% volume utilization even with low disk activity? Do you get situations where you can login to the DSM interface but basically can't do anything or make changes, and Resource Monitor doesn't show either CPU or Memory maxed out?

Frankly I think DSM 6.1 has some unresolved issues, that Synology either hasn't figured out yet, or more likely they know there is a problem and is being tight lipped about it while they try and figure it out. I was also offered RMA's, but frankly I get the sense is that just buys them more time, and isn't actually going to fix the issue.

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Re: My life with RS3617xs

Unread post by MiAD » Fri May 19, 2017 2:47 pm

Model: RS3617xs
CPU: INTEL Xeon E3-1230 v2
CPU clock rate: 3.3 GHz
CPU cores: 4
Total physical memory : 4096 MB
DSM version: DSM 6.1-15047 Update 2
File system: EXT4

- My unit is suppose to be "enterprise grade" - the issues you mentioned i havnt seen, mine just locks with solid disk lights. No access to portal or through synology assistance.

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Re: My life with RS3617xs

Unread post by ubronan » Sun May 21, 2017 10:56 am

It seems very frustrating to have such a powerfull nas acting up like some scrap metal
What strikes me is that the older version appears to have no issues at all.
Reading your problems i think about the weird issue i had with my nas, do not get me wrong i do not know if it is related just venting what i found out myself.
The 2414+ with 10 storage disk and 2 small ssd's as cache.
Ofcourse my nas only has 4 x 1 gbps ports, which i has set into bonding for performance.
The nas suddenly stopped working as you mention.
It repeated itself a few times, which caused even a few times loss of data ... yes even with raid 6 on ext4 ...
That happened because the nas was completely frozen, the only thing i was able todo was forced powering it off.
Even the power button did not respond anymore.

Before that happened i had to constant turn off/on the switch which was connected to the nas, or had to restart the nas because it was no longer detected by the workstations.

So I tried different settings and kept messing with the switch to solve the issue... but to no avail it kept messing up.

A few months back i decided that the bonding is not really working out so i switched the 3 other lan ports to be fail over and poof issues disappeared.
No more resetting switches, no more hanging it runs like it should for almost 4 months in a row now.
So i think it is related to the bonding as well ofcourse a hardware issue could be possible but it really seems like the problems i had.
But maybe its related to a switch or router acting up as well.
In my case its a 8 port netgear switch/hub now one thing i have to mention when i tried my linksys switch/hub it became an even greater disaster.
That 5 port switch completely locked up form time to time ... yes indeed all leds burning green constant and no access to the switch or everything behind it.
Looks similar right .... i never could find why the linksys completely crashed.
So i tried the linksys again when i changed the bonding to fail over only ... indeed running like a charm

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Re: My life with RS3617xs

Unread post by MiAD » Tue May 23, 2017 4:55 pm

Thank you. I have received my RMA and let me tell you the migration process was so simple. So thank you Synology.... Up-time has been 2 days thus far. I plan on waiting for a week or so..if it goes down again, a refund will be a next step.

ubronan, thanks for your input. Since this unit is sold as an " enterprise solution " i will not take anymore steps to troubleshoot. don't really have time. If i know what the case is 100%, if it needs to be upgraded no problem - but support cant figure it out.

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