Common Suggestions for Upgrading Synology Firmware

An update to DSM 2.1, build 850 / 0851 provides updates for group installation (applicable to system integrators) and updates to the multimedia indexing engine. Currently released for all x09 models.
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Common Suggestions for Upgrading Synology Firmware

Postby john117 » Thu Jul 23, 2009 7:14 pm

Here is a list of common suggestions for upgrading the Synology system firmware. These suggestions are for those who encounter an issue when attempting to upgrade the Synology firmware.
Note: only use these suggestions if you encounter an error with updating with the Synology system, it's a list for those who have encountered an error - most users should not see an error.

Note: while not designed to affect the data volume, it's always recommended to have a backup of your data. for further information, please refer to What is a backup? article.

* Restart the Synology system that will be upgraded
* Execute your upgrade over a Local Wired LAN connection - attempting to execute the upgrade via VPN, WiFi, Remote WAN Connection, or other types of connections can result in high latency - this will result in update failure due to the communication errors.
* For multi-LAN port devices, it's recommended to use a single LAN port (disable Link aggregation)
* Make sure that the upgrade file (the .pat file) is on your local computer, and not any network resource.
* Execute your upgrade without HTTPS
* Disable network services of the Synology, such as Web, File Station, Photo Station, FTP, iTunes, etc
* Please set the JumboFrames of the Synology system, and the updating computer to 1500MTU
* If you are using Safari, please execute the upgrade in Firefox or Internet Explorer
* Purge your web browser cache

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