Reporting Errors, Bugs, and Suggestions

Discussion the beta DSM 2.2-0914 here. Please report all bugs to the Beta Program Manager.

Reporting Errors, Bugs, and Suggestions

Postby john117 » Thu Jul 16, 2009 6:51 pm

The Beta Program Manager is reply to the email was sent to you when you sign up for the Beta Program. Please reply to that original message which was sent out to you, example

Synology DSM 2.2 Beta Program #12345

The above subject line will aid in sorting out the emails and reports that we receive

With regards to this room, it was created for the discussion of the new firmware update, and general user cooperation. Discussion of bugs (and possible solutions/work arounds) is allowed ; however the Beta Program team does not regularly monitor the forum. So if you find a bug, you may make a mention of it here; but would be unlikely be reported to the development team.

ALL errors, bugs, suggestions of the firmware program, please submit directly to the Beta Program Manager; the instructions to do so are outline above.

Hope this helps

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