Webalizer fails miserably with multiple server backends

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Webalizer fails miserably with multiple server backends

Postby pezball » Fri Apr 21, 2017 12:57 pm

With DSM 6.1 comes the ability to run several web server backends, and Webalizer gets totally confused. I use Apache 2.4 for my web site, and there is no sign of any access log from that server, where Webalizer wants it to be. The current version of the Webalizer package, will ONLY report access to ... guess what? Yes, the Webalizer pages! So I can at least see who has been visiting the Webalizer stats, wonderful. :roll:

With multiple backends it's vital that logging is enabled for ALL backends, and that logs are stored where Webalizer expects to find them, and that Webalizer reads ALL the separate logs, combined as one.
Nobody wants separate stats for Nginx, Apache 2.2, and Apache 2.4, so either Webalizer package should be cancelled, and nobody use it anymore, or make sure it works for all possible combinations of server backends, without config file editing.

Manual editing of config files is always possible, but a graphical interface which allows easy changes for the most useful options, would be most welcome.
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