Newer firmware on CS407e

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Newer firmware on CS407e

Unread post by Nicksta » Fri Feb 03, 2012 11:32 pm


So if I get this right, if the CPU of a later model is the same I should be able to download the firmware for that model and it should work on my CS407e? eg firmware for DS209j?

The only difference I can see between the specs is that the DS209j has a 32 bit memory bus whereas the CS407e is 64 bit. CPU is the same, memory amount is also the same. The cs407e is a 4 bay though whereas the DS209j a 2 bay.

OR would a firmware from a Freescale mpc8543 PPC work just as fine. There are later models with this CPU that also have a 64 bit memory bus and are a 4 bay, if this makes a difference.

Harry do you have any idea? I see you have DSM 4.0 running on an older model. I need to reinstall my CS407e frequently and it is a real pain having to recreate so many settings that the config backup does not backup, and I understand this is enhanced in DSM 4.0. Recreating firewall rules every time is completely tedious as is DDNS settings, and I am amazed such settings are not included in the config backup.
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