DS-101g+ to DS-107/DSM 2.3-1157 Firmware/1.5TB Drive

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Re: DS-101g+ to DS-107/DSM 2.3-1157 Firmware/1.5TB Drive

Unread post by cptrico » Sat Aug 13, 2011 5:45 pm

Hi All,

My DS101g+ is now a DS107 with DSM 3.1-1613 firmware.
I just have a question on the preveous replies in this post it was recommend to change the synoinfo config from ds107 -> ds106 and also disable some stuff( see quote below) but is this really nessecary ? I have tried with and without these change and I cannot feel any difference to the system, acts the same way. I hope that they build VPN center for powerpc also, would be awsome :) thanks for all your help.
upnpmodelname="DS107" --> "DS106"
supportsystemperature="yes" --> "no"
showtempdesc="yes" --> "no"
synobios="ds107" -->"ds106"
supportdomain="yes" --> "no" (optional)
supportfanctrl="yes" --> "no"
support_auto_poweron="yes" --> "no"
supportSATA="yes" Leave as 'yes'! This is commented as change to 'no' in other posts, but the DS-101g+ has an eSata connection!
support_mtd_serial="yes" --> "no"
surveillance_camera_max="2" --> "1"
esatadiskname="hdc" --> delete
DS-101G+ / DSM 3.1-1613

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