How to switch of thumbnail (re-)generation

Synology® Inc. today announced an update of Disk Station Manager 2.0 featuring that NAS products support the latest Sony PS3 firmware 2.50. This update also enhances usability and compatibility of the product.
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How to switch of thumbnail (re-)generation

Postby dasz » Sat Jan 03, 2009 3:56 pm

After the upgrade of my DS101j to the 0728 firmware version the processes recreating the thumbnails have been running for 5 days now and still keep running. I have at about 5000 photos on my diskstation and I don't use the photostation or a UPnP photo viewer. Therefore I don't need the thumbnails which will also consume a considerable part of diskspace when the conversion will be finished.
My questions:
How can I prevent the thumbnail conversion from beeing started on boot up of the diskstation?
How can I get rid off of the already generated thumbnails?

Thank you in advance for any hint helping me anwering mey questions
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Re: How to switch of thumbnail (re-)generation

Postby HarryPotter » Sat Jan 03, 2009 5:53 pm

If you dont need the photostation and you dont want your Synology NAS to create thumbnails and index your photo, the easiest way to do so is to create another share and move all your photos over there.

Only media files within the shares music, video and photo are indexed by your NAS.
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Re: How to switch of thumbnail (re-)generation

Postby dasz » Sun Jan 04, 2009 8:16 pm

Harry Potter
Thank you for your support. Copying the pictures to another than the photo share is a very simple and in fact easy to find solution :-((
But for me it raises also additional problems:
I'm trying now to delete the "@eaDir" directories in my new shared folder where I copied my pictures to. I'm not extremely good in Unix (any more) but I tried to work with the find command pinging it's output to the xargs command that should execute a delete command on the @eaDir directories:
find /volume1/NewPictureShare/ -type d -name @eaDir | xargs ls -l {}/* (I plan to replace the ls command with rm -r {} when everything works properly with this one)

Problem 1:
File- and directory names containing spaces: I piped the find-output into a file and started working on it with vi putting all file- directory-names into double quotes and tried it then this way:
cat MyFileList.out | xargs ls -l {}/*

Problem 2:
This works neither with files with nor without spaces in path- or filenames, error is the ls file not found message:
ls: /'volume1'/'bilder'/'Web'/'BestOf'/'@eaDir': No such file or directory
ls: /'volume1'/'bilder'/'Web'/'Bohren'/'@eaDir': No such file or directory
ls: /'volume1'/'bilder'/'Web'/'@eaDir': No such file or directory
ls: /'volume1'/'bilder'/'WeihnachtStebler2003'/'@eaDir': No such file or d
ls: /'volume1'/'bilder'/'Wien_200308'/'@eaDir': No such file or directory

Problem (or surprise) 3:
Entering a copy of such a path/filename from the file without spaces directly on the command line works:
DiskStation> ls -l /"volume1"/"bilder"/"BestOf"/"@eaDir"/*

I'm very confused because the firmwares "ash" shows in many cases a different behavour than I expected from a Unix shell: It is case insensitive on path- and filesnames (!!!), it doesn't accept common parameters for commands (like xargs -i), it seem to handle keyboard input to commands different than input from other devices, the vi/ex editor seem not to accept operators like ^ or $ in regex, ...

Is there a way I can learn to tackle with these funny Diskstation-shell or another way tho get rid off all the thumbnail files coming from the photo share???? I'd prefer the latter :P

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Re: How to switch of thumbnail (re-)generation

Postby jidijkstra » Sun Jan 04, 2009 9:52 pm

Hi Dasz,
I just created a post here:
Maybe that'll help you.

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