Loosing \ disconnecting External USB regularly

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Loosing \ disconnecting External USB regularly

Unread post by chrismain1@gmail.com » Mon May 02, 2016 12:00 am

Synology DS212J
DSM 5.2-5644 Update 5 (I know i haven't upgraded to 6.0 yet as I saw there were some compatibility issues with Symform which I have spent months trying to get to work properly and finally it is, so I'm too scared to touch anything for now)
Seagate expansion 1TB external HD attached.
Windows 10

For the last few weeks - about once a week, the external harddrive drops off and can't be found. The Power is still on, in the control panel the disk can no longer be found, and the small blue external HD icon at the top the the DSM manager is gone.
I have to manually unplug the HD and replug in for it to be recognised, then things work fine for another week or so.

Can anyone direct me to some instructions for troubleshooting this please

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Re: Loosing \ disconnecting External USB regularly

Unread post by AimHere » Fri Nov 10, 2017 1:22 pm

I frequently have the same problem, with multiple external USB drives. The drives go into "sleep" mode on their own, disappearing from DSM (both in Control Panel/External Devices and the list of shared folders in Filestation). The only way I can get them back is to unplug the power from the drive briefly, then plug it back in. I even went so far as to move all my external drives onto their own power strip, so I could power-cycle them all at once without physically unplugging.

The external drives are NOT configured to hibernate in DSM.

At one point I thought I would be clever and write a script that would "touch" a file on each of the drives, then run that script periodically as a scheduled event in DSM. But that doesn't seem to work. Here's the script:

Code: Select all

; set MAXDRVE to highest-numbered USB disk
while [ $DRIVE -le $MAXDRIVE ]; do
echo "Touching $FULLNAME"
rm -f "$FULLNAME"
touch "$FULLNAME"
DRIVE=$(( $DRIVE + 1 ))
exit 0
I have a Task Scheduler entry set up to run this every half-hour, yet most of the drives STILL go to sleep at least once a week or so.

If anyone can figure out a more elegant (and permanent) solution, please let me know!

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