Had 1515+ Heartbeat setup but received a 1517+ after warranty

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Had 1515+ Heartbeat setup but received a 1517+ after warranty

Postby patharding88 » Thu Dec 07, 2017 12:01 am

I had a heartbeat setup with our two 1515+ models at the office.

After a year one system failed and I sent it away for warranty. In return I received a 1517+

Will I see any compatibility issues and is it better to have both systems the same?

I have not tried setting up the 1517+ until I get some advice, another option I have is to switch my home system 1515+ with the new office 1517+ so both office models are the same.

Suggestions welcomed,
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Re: Had 1515+ Heartbeat setup but received a 1517+ after warranty

Postby iknowtech » Thu Dec 07, 2017 5:06 pm

I'm going to assume when you say heartbeat setup, you're not referring to High Availability mode because you mention two different site locations? I don't think High Availability in general designed for WAN links.

The DS1515+ and DS1517+ are very similar systems, so most other integrations between the two units should work just fine. Yoiu can probably expect your other DS1515+ to fail at some point to as well. They are dropping like flies from the Intel C2000 Series flaw. I can only assume if they are giving out DS1517+'s for warranty replacements, as they don't even have enough refurbished DS1515+ units to send out as replacements at this point. Another user recently stated his RMA took 3+ weeks, so that would also sort of verify they are having replacement inventory issues.

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