moving from 1815+ to 1817+ OR reverse

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moving from 1815+ to 1817+ OR reverse

Postby spikemixture » Sat Apr 14, 2018 12:21 pm

I have these 2 8 bay units.

1815+ has 8x4TB
1817+ - 2x10, 2x8,4x6

I have 2 m.2 SSD in the 1817+ for cache ( A waste of money as drives lasted 7 months)

if i turn off the 2 SSD's can i just swap all the 3.5" drives?

I plan to sell either one with the 8x4tb drives
If the buyer picks the 1817+ can i just move the drives??

Would I need to save the configuration or will they just start but in the other unit?
1815+ - 8x4TB WD Red
1817+ - 2x6TB Ironwolf / 2x 6TB WD Red/ 2x8TB WD / 2x10TB Ironwolf

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