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Video streaming for D212J

Unread post by Juanolo » Tue Nov 20, 2012 6:17 pm


Recently i have bought a synology D212j and i know this model can not transcode video... i try to use plex media server for arm but i got play errors.

i have some questions about this:

when i play videos with video station over internet first test were bad (every time the video stops) but after two days i do another test with the same mp4 and they run smooth... this is a problem with my internet line?

My objective is to stream video over internet for personal use, using ipad 2 by FTP,actually I have 15mbs down / 1mb up if i get a internet line of 100mbs downstream and 10 mbs upstream will be sufficient to see SD videos or up to 720p over internet?

Is there any format of video wich do not need to be transcoded by ds212j for ipad 2 with video station??? what formats need to be transcoded and ds212j can handle? SD, 720p...?

if i get another synology like 213+ what will be the difference about transcoding?

thx for all

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