DS411j formated drives. (4x 1tb samsung drives)

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DS411j formated drives. (4x 1tb samsung drives)

Unread post by francc » Thu Apr 28, 2011 4:25 pm

Hello all.

I have both today a DS411j, to use whit my 4 disks.

My goal was to use all of the disk in jbdo mode, as it was before on a a8n-sli mobo.

I dint know that the ds411j firmware upgrade to the most recent, formated automaticly the disks (!!!???).

So, when i saw what the firmware was doing, i just unpluged the drive..
But unforntaly, it was to late.. The dsm was not yet writen on the disks, but the partition layout was already altered, so my data was gone.

Most of it is not realy importand, just the bandwitch wat i lose to get it back..
The rest, some txt, pdfs, and documentsthat i got from my work i dont get back. I had there also for me importand, a huge music collection, whit some rare music on it, and ofcourse my pictures.

Now i have offerd one disk to be formated, (mostly hd movies and stuff) so i have some room to get the data back. My question is, what is the best progam to use to get my data back?

I only care about the music collection (about 600 gb) the photo collection, about 50 gb and some documents (whatever, txt, pdf, wordt, exel, ect ect ect) also somting about 10 gb.

I have here some tools, but before i run them, i whant to know what to use and what not...
the tools i have:

partition find and mount, (will find the partion table and remount them)
R-disk data recovery (but this is for ntfs and fat, i have all in ext3 or 4 filesystem)
and i have mhdd.

Whit one do you recomend?

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Re: DS411j formated drives. (4x 1tb samsung drives)

Unread post by francc » Fri Apr 29, 2011 11:01 am


found a sollution, on the hddguru forums, and ubuntu forums.
that is, use testdisk and photorec to rebuild the partition table, then/or use photorec to recovery all files.

photorec dos a indexing whitout the partitiontable. Takes a copple of hours/days, depending on the disk size, but it gets most of the data back.

I think that the user sud be warned that it is nessesary to format a drive wen adding a new one to the synology system. Icould not found anny clear information about this....

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