How to fully check network functionality of Synology DS916+

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How to fully check network functionality of Synology DS916+

Unread post by banzi » Wed Jun 13, 2018 2:21 pm

First of all, let me show the network topology a bit:

Cable modem <-> Ubiquiti USG 3P Gateway <-> Linksys SRW2024 Switch with LACP <-> Synology DS916+ with Bonded Network

The synology runs Docker with an Ubiquiti Unifi software to manage the USG (and a few accesspoints)
The synology runs DNS server, to be able to access internal LAN things.

Problem encountered:
Every 2 hours, the network "drops" and I have no ability to browse internet. The Unifi software shows the USG has disconnected and reconnected within 1 minute.

Narrowed the problem:
1 - When I run a continuous ping from a PC to google, this doesn't drop. Neither does a continuous ping to the USG gateway.
While browsing the internet is blocked (for a few minutes), this lets me believe it is the DNS server which is not operational anymore.
2 - I've contacted Ubiquiti about the issue (as I see disconnects within their mangement software). They have retrieved all logfiles and couldn't find anything. Lastly, they asked me to put the Unifi software on a seperate machine. So when I install it on a NUC, the management software doesn't show the drops each 2 hours anymore. This lets me believe it is not a Ubiquiti issue, but rather a Synology issue.

I had contacted Synology before, but they couldn't find anything in their logs either.

What can I do to narrow the issue even more?

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