Synology and Flooding

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Synology and Flooding

Unread post by rjowenusa » Sun Oct 08, 2017 4:02 pm

My single story home was flooded with 4.5 feet of water in Houston during and after hurricane Harvey. The water was in our house for 14 days. On the 5th day after it flooded I got into the house by boat and retrieved my main Synology NAS (DS214+) with 2 WD 8TB Red drive. Despite the humidity and crap in the air (everything was covered in sticky brown dust) after a gentle clean it fired right up. I couldn;t get to my secondary Synology NAS (DS213+ on that trip) but was bale to get to it after the water receded. It had been standing in roughly 1.5 inches of water. I took it apart and cleaned it but although lights flashed it would not start. I ordered a new bare DS218+ and plugged in the two drives (WD Red 6TB) from the dead 213+. Despite showing signs of rust on the screws (which I cleaned off) the unit and drives fired right up. It suggested a repair of the boot sector on drive 1 which I did. No bad loss. I am very impressed with WD Red drives. I'v run them for many years and never had a failure (touching wood!) including these that were actually subjected to water damage. I'm also super impressed with the Synology NAS for their upgrade and recovery ability. In the end I migrated my 8TB drives into the new 218+ and migrated the 6TB drives into the 214+. No problems at all. The icing on the cake was when I was able to re-establish file sync from the 214+ (with the old 213+ drives) to two remote DS112j's in Europe. That was fiddly but I avoided data loss. All together THANK YOU SYNOLOGY and WD.

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Re: Synology and Flooding

Unread post by eaz » Sun Oct 08, 2017 4:06 pm

That is really amazing! Thanks for sharing this, I like hearing something positive.
Please share if a reply was useful or how the issue was solved, it helps other DS users.

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