Movies from one particular folder stop after a few minutes

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Movies from one particular folder stop after a few minutes

Unread post by cbsmkyle » Wed Dec 06, 2017 9:28 pm

I have my video files broken down in to sub-folders by genera in my shared video folder. i.e. Videos/Action/

All of my folders have dozens to hundreds of files in them and they pretty much all play without any issues, however EVERY movie in my "Horror" folder will play for about 5-10 minutes and freeze. I have tried re-indexing, making sure no odd characters are in any file names, and even created a new folder and copied everything in to the new folder with the same 5-10 minute play issue.

There are too many files to realistically add one by one to troubleshoot if it's a single file problem. Are there any known issues with file name length, file types, etc. that may cause this behavior?

I am using the latest version of DSM and media server (as of 12/2/2017). Plays items in this particular folder fine to an older Samsung "smart" TV, but not to a newer 4K version, both hard wired to the router. Transcoding not turned on as it causes more problems than it solves.

Any ideas? This has been going on for months now for seemingly no reason unless there is a file that I added that was corrupted...maybe???



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