DS211 freezes while file operations

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DS211 freezes while file operations

Unread post by alexadmin » Thu Nov 03, 2011 9:18 pm

I have problem with DS211 which is used in small office as file server. It freezes for a several seconds while operation: pings to NAS are lost at this time, SSH lags or lost connection, Web GUI freezes also. The main problem is CIFS shares which also freezes for several seconds. If any operation is performed with files via network when freeze occurs then the file locks for a 5-30 minutes and cannot be written.
Everything other (except freezes) looks ok: Resource monitor shows that CPU usage is 5-30%, RAM usage less than 40%, transfer speed is about 30 Mb/s fot Gbit links; HDDs SMART excelent, HDDs temp less than 40 degrees of C.
NAS uses two 750Gb HDDs in mirror; Several shares are created on volume. Several groups and up to 20 users are used to control acces of various user groups. Most of user performs only editing MS Office documents which a stored on the server. 2-3 users uses CAE tool which can open up to 80 small files (30-50 kb) in read only mode.
I'm very disappointed with this issue. And I cannot find any settings which can fix it. All services except CIFS and file indexing is disabled now but it not helps.

PS I check that pings to any other host in local network are not lost. Also I try to connect NAS to 1Gbit link as well as to 100Mbit with no effect.

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