What If disk station dies

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What If disk station dies

Postby crazykiwiman » Fri Oct 21, 2011 3:46 pm

Hi could someone from Synology Team with experience in this, tell me what would happen normally in this situation if the NAS dies?

Q1, Would you be able to switch the Raid 5/6 disks to a new NAS of the same model or different?

Q2, Would the data still be there under normal conditions, raid not broken?

Q3, would you have to plug the disks into the same number sata ports as they were before?

Q4, If all of the above is true would it be plug and play and the raid is back as it was before or how would you do this?

As you can understand looking at buying Synology DS2411+ and it may not always be possible to have a Full backup of all data considering the size of this new NAS. :?:

Thanks in advance


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