DS416slim: useful for webhosting?

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DS416slim: useful for webhosting?

Unread post by NixieFreak » Sat Jul 08, 2017 5:56 am

Hello everyone,

My first experience with something NAS-like was the WD MyCloud Mirror, and this product was just horrible due to the very inconvenient configuration options and the relatively high price. So I have decided I want to give Synology a try.

I am a student with not a lot of space, and I will be travelling every now and then. This is why I am thinking of getting a DS416slim with four 1TB 2.5" WD Red HDDs in them. It is small but yet highly configurable. I would want to use it for encrypted data storage of important files, as well as to run a private website that will be an online picture gallery of photos that my family and I want to enjoy. Meaning: very low traffic, image files of the typical size of 2MB. I will need PHP and MySQL for that, but that should be OK with Synology. It will mostly be accessed remotely using Web Station.

So here is my question: Is the DS416slim a good choice for this task? I know it is somewhat underpowered, but from your experience, would it work for the kind of purpose I have in mind?


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