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Pre Purchase NAS

Postby guyguy » Wed Jun 28, 2017 6:15 pm

I am looking at buying a NAS. I know some if not most users buy Synology NAS. Currently, I using an old HP Mediasmart server. Although the MSS still works and I can use it with my Macs, I am looking to replace it. I already use a Synology router so I was thinking I could use a Synology Diskstation along with the router. I know Synology makes various models and I don't need anything high powered. For my needs, I am looking at a 2 bay model because I like to use actual hard drives. This NAS will be used mostly with Apple products.

My goals to using the NAS:

1. Time Machine backup
2. Stream movies to ATV 3 and 4g
3. Centralize Storage
4. Centralize iTunes and Photo Library storage
5. Expansion if my needs change.

I understand that most Synology models can do the above so I am looking for something I can continue to use now and in the future.

Any suggestions or thoughts would be helpful.

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