New to NAS, leaning towards DS1815+ or building my own

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New to NAS, leaning towards DS1815+ or building my own

Unread post by Kortoga » Mon Mar 27, 2017 10:47 pm

I need a NAS for my data.
I want to start out with the DS1815+. But reading about the CPU issues this thing is having, I don't gamble, so purchasing this thing is a gamble to me. or is it? Is the issue really that bad? Synology has to have 100s thousands of these units in the world.
FYI, I have $2k to drop into this project. I do not want to spend the entire amount if I do not have to.

Please read what I want from a NAS and answer the below question for me. Your comments or questions are welcome.
Should I buy a NAS, which model? I have never owned a Synology or any NAS, but what I see and read about the DS1815+, it would be perfect. Except for the CPU issue.
Or should I build my own? If so, can the software Synology uses be loaded onto a home built NAS, and the thing would not know the difference? I do not "want" to circumvent Synology, but like I said before, I do not want to drop $2k into this project and then learn it will take more money to just do what I probably should do right now...make my own NAS. But dang, I do not want to fiddle with Open Source software. I do not want to learn more settings and scripts and settings tech just to do what Synology does. Grrrr, this is aggravating.

I want a NAS to:
- run a RAID10 for main data; Qty4 Reds 6TB each
- run a separate JBOD volume for Back up copy; Qty 2 Reds 6TB each. Yes, I know this is not cool to put my Back up in the same case, but this will change when I buy a smaller NAS and relocate it, probably a DS1515+. I don't have the cash right now. I'm doing this in stages.
- run a media server with 1 client at any given time
- the purpose of the NAS is just to keep my data secure, safe, and hopefully damage free. I will expand and grow the system better over time. And as I learn I will make changes for better reliability so I do not lose data. This is my first attempt at having stored data on-site. So I am learning how to do it properly.

I really do not want to build a NAS from scratch, but can do it if I have to. Computers are not a problem for me, I just don't want to spend the time doing this. I have too many other projects going on.
Thanks for your help...I really need your knowledge and experience on this.

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Re: New to NAS, leaning towards DS1815+ or building my own

Unread post by Rusty1281 » Tue Mar 28, 2017 8:16 am

A week ago new 1817+ and 1517+ models were announced so my suggestion is to wait for them and how the prices will be set. You can see them here ( ... 68/photo/1) and google a bit around to see what specs are under the hood. They should be launched in April.

Regarding running syno software on a custom box. Yes you can, but then again, its not official and I wouldn't recommend it as a main production box for any use. But in general it can be done.

About your tasks that you want this NAS to do, these boxes can run it just fine (and a lot more). Raid combinations are also something that you can setup with no problem at all. Having a backup on the same hardware is not really a backup is it, but I guess having multiple copies to start with is better then having nothing. This will work ofc if your primary source of that data will not be hosted on the NAS, rather copied or backup up. If you initial data will be on the NAS (on one volume) and you will just copy it on a separate raid array in the same enclosure, then you still risk the possibility of loosing your data if something happens to your NAS. Still if its something that you will do in stages then fine.
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