New here and could use advice. Leaning toward a DS916+

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I'm New!
I'm New!
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New here and could use advice. Leaning toward a DS916+

Postby Robinthehood » Thu Mar 09, 2017 5:31 pm

I have a lot of data scattered across 10 hard drives, some quite old, varying in sizes with plenty of redundancy. All are "desktop" grade drives and three of those are in a headless Ubuntu server I built maybe six years ago. The server was a learning project for the purpose of backing up and sharing data between several computers with the largest hard drive being 2.5TB and the total of the three drives being 5TB with an additional external hard drive of 2TB which backs up some of the most important data from the file server. The other drives are smaller and mostly serving as archives of what's already been backed up. So, it's a confusing mess of relatively small drives and a midtower computer I don't want to run 24/7 anyway.

To make my life easier and provide more functionality my initial instinct was to buy a two bay NAS (like the DS716+II), fill it with two 8TB Western Digital Red drives in RAID 1, get an inexpensive USB 3 external drive for backup, and call it a day.

But then the more I read and think about things, I'm wondering if it makes more sense to purchase a 4 bay NAS now, only use two of the four bays in a RAID 1 configuration because while 8TB will suit my needs now, it may not three years from now when hard drives will only come down in price per capacity anyway. So now I'm looking at the DS916+. It's more powerful and draws more power (obviously) than the DS716+II, but besides that, there aren't any lacking features. I contacted Synology support regarding USBCopy and they replied this morning that the DS916+ also has that function which is important for my wife and daughter to add photos.

1. Does this plan seem logical and the best way to go? I plan on learning how to use some of the more advanced features as time goes by.

2. When I do purchase two other matching drives for a RAID 10 configuration is it easy to do without losing any of the data from the other two drives in the process?

3. Am I missing anything I should be considering? I'll still be backing up the RAID with other hard drives and might purchase a large external USB 3 HDD for simplicity and store that somewhere secure.

DS716+II w/2X8TB WDRs, R1
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