Slow downloads through download station, fast on PC

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Slow downloads through download station, fast on PC

Postby achandab » Sat Feb 18, 2017 3:59 am

Really weird issue here.

Issue: Was working fine about 2 months ago, would reach download speeds of 10mb/s, now i dont get over 700kb/s.

Troubleshooting performed:
* Downloaded same torrent on PC and NAS, same router and netowrk config. PC getting download speeds of 8mb/s, DS getting about 300kb/s
* When download on DS starts it hits 5-7mb/s for about a min then it drops to approx 300kb/s
* Happens to all torrents, tried about 400 over a two month period
* Disabled firewall on NAS and tested, same issue
* Uninstalled DS and removed all config files as well, reinstalled, same issue
* Download speed set to 0 (unlimited) in DS
* Have replaced router, same issue
* Installed transmission and downloaded torrent to compare, getting the same speeds as download station, so might be more NAS network related then Download station specific

Have seen others having similiar issues, but no solution. Synology will not assist due to having a 3rd party program on there (couch potato). Any assistance would be appreciated, i'm out of ideas at the moment. I heard something about MTU size but not sure if this would make a difference?
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Re: Slow downloads through download station, fast on PC

Postby ac1300 » Fri Jul 21, 2017 8:43 am

Hi Just wonder if you have resolve this issue yet?

I recently encounter the same thing.....
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Re: Slow downloads through download station, fast on PC

Postby peking84 » Mon Jul 24, 2017 8:38 pm

Same here with DS215J. Synology support so far talking about low number of peers (not the case: hundreds) and NAT'd ports (manual properly configured, no UPnP), however those are not the limiting factor. It is the DSM or the Download station itself.
Shame, i should sell it.
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Re: Slow downloads through download station, fast on PC

Postby jimlomma » Sat Dec 30, 2017 4:49 pm

I have the same problem but with a DS418 :(
I have tried with MTU and the problem is not solved.
Do you have tested with other applications (Deluge, transmission)? Is there the same issue?

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