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Synology Community Forum Policy

Unread post by Admin » Wed Apr 23, 2008 2:47 am

The Synology Community Forum is a community board which is managed by Synology Inc. The content of the Synology Community Forum is being provided freely, and no kind of agreement or contract is created between you and the owners or users of this site, the owners of the servers upon which it is housed, individual contributors to these forums, or anyone else connected with this project subject to your claims against them directly. You are welcomed to use and copy anything from the Synology Community Forum as reference information; it does not create or imply any contractual or extracontractual liability on the part of Synology Inc. or any of its agents, members, organizers or other users.
Any of the trademarks, service marks, collective marks, design rights, personality rights or similar rights that are mentioned, used or cited on this site are the property of their respective owners. Unless otherwise stated, Synology Inc. is neither endorsed by nor affiliated with any of the holders of such rights, nor can Synology Inc. grant rights to use otherwise protected materials. Your use of any such incorporeal property is at your own risk.
Please note that the information contained in the Synology Community Forum may be in violation of the country or jurisdiction from where you viewing this information. Synology Inc. cannot be held responsible for any potential violation of such laws, should you link this domain or reference the information contained herein.

Synology reminds all users to always have a backup of their data. In short, a backup is a copy, please refer to the following article defining a backup.
What is a backup?

Development Information
Occasionally, Synology Moderators may give out information about expected updates or newer program features/firmwares. Be advised that this information is strictly development information, and is subject to change without notice, and is held with no guarantees.

This is an English-language forum, if English is not your native tongue, please try, it doesn't have to be perfect, but the better accuracy will result in accurate answers.
For those who are familiar with English, please use proper spelling and grammar; we are not expecting perfect Essay-level English on this forum, however it will make it easier to read the conversation of the forum if it is well written.

Community Member Behavior
  • Respect
    Be respectful to your fellow members, there is zero tolerance for any flaming directed at a person's race, sexual orientation, religion, creed, sex, etc. Violation of this rule is an immediate ban.

    Report Button
    Please use the report button to report a questionable post. We would look at it as soon as possible and take the appropriate action.

    Search for your answer
    Before posting a question, please use the search area on the upper right hand, explore the SynologyWiki or the Synology FAQ. A lot of answers can be found using these resources. It is inefficient for both parties to help with the same question which has been answered already. Inefficient for the poster as that user is waiting for a reply, when the answer is available. It is inefficient for the replier as this user is replying with the same answer.

    Community Members are not being paid
    This is a community forum, if you do not receive an immediate answer, please be patient or consult with Synology Online Support directly.

    Keep in mind that members join this community forum to enjoy themselves, not to sit over their keyboards waiting to aid another user with their technological woe. If you are not satisfied with the available resources, you may consult with online support, or for even more efficient support, please consult with your local network technician.

    Do not get mad if something doesn't work.
    We are not sitting in front of your computer, so there is only so much can be done remotely. If a suggestion does not work, please let us know and we can try again.

    Posting everything about your Synology System and network configuration in the first post will encourage other community members to help you. This information is usually necessary to help you identify what is the cause of your error. Refer to the following post for further information
    Help us help you

    All members are responsible for the security and usage of their Synology Community Forum Account. Any mis-use or mismanagement will be the responsibility of the original registered owner of the account.
The posting of advertisements of any kind is not allowed, and will fall under the anti-spam policy of this forum. Posts which contain advertisements will either have their posts edited or deleted. The ONLY exception to this is the personal/private selling of the Synology DiskStation between personal, individual users, as outlined in this room

Forum Etiquette
  • 1337 Speek is not allowed
    Advertising is not allowed.
    Campaigning for a specific function or ability, or subject is not allowed
    Cross posting or multiple posting is not allowed
    Flaming is not allowed; everyone is entitled to their opinion. Be respectful about it.
    Thread-Jacking is not allowed. All replies must reply to the topic starter’s topic. Do not change the topic unless the original topic starter changes the subject at his accord.
    Necroposting is not allowed, if a thread is dead for 14 days, it is meant to stay dead. It is not considered nercro-posting if the original topic starter posts a reply as an update
    Short Hand Speak is not allowed.
    Spamming is not allowed.
    Trolling is not allowed.

Posting Etiquette

In General
Please use the Golden Rule when participating in the Synology Community Forum
  • *Do not link to illegal or ethically/morally questionable/objectionable material.
    *Referring to illegal activity is one thing; going into detail about said activity is another. Do not post where information was acquired or how to bypass the security or reverse engineer of software
    *Do not swear or use non-English profanity; do not test the censor engine.

    • Posting Links
      When posting links, please use the URL code to create a hyperlink. Do not post the raw URL link, as this clutters the forum.

      Posting Images
      The Synology Community Forum does not allow users to host images, please use the following link on how to link images on the Synology Community Forum
      How to host images on the Synology Community Forum

      Thread Titles
      Please use very specific titles in your thread title. The more descriptive it is, the more likely someone will be willing to help you; stating “help me" is not helpful. Stating "I cannot map a drive" is more helpful.
      Be sure to post in the appropriate sections of the forum. While threads can be moved, it's make it easier if the thread is posted initially in the correct category.
      Please do not use ALL CAPs in the thread titles.
    • In general
      You must either seek or give advice in your posts; personal anecdotes are not considered advice. Do not post "read the stickies" without posting a relevant link.

      Replying when no member has replied to your previous post
      Please edit your earlier post rather than making multiple posts in a row (without anyone having replied since to your last post)

      Replying topics that were locked or deleted
      Do not start another thread to answer another thread; if the original thread was locked or deleted, it was for a reason. Do not bring it up again

      Bumping old threads.
      This is not allowed in most cases, especially if you have nothing to add to the thread except a random comment. In most cases, it is better just to make a new thread and reference the old thread for background information; but use your best judgment.
Consequences of Violating the above polices
Users will be given strikes against them for violating the policies of the Synology Community Forum

Three strikes will be given, and no harm will be done
After the fourth strike, the user will be banned for one week from the Synology Community Forum
After the fifth strike, the user will be banned permanently

Strikes will be cleared every three calendar months (beginning on the first day of the month)

Strikes will be given for severe violations of the Synology Community Forum policy, such as being disrespectful towards other community members. Minor infractions, such as violating the Forum Etiquette, or Replying Policy will receive a reminder. However, repeated offenders will begin to accumulate strikes against their name.

There will be no second chances after the user is banned permanently, attempting to use a different IP/username will result in the immediate ban.
Synology reserves the right to make any final decisions in these matters, and asks that all users do not test us in these matters.

Thanks for your cooperation.


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