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Honorary Moderators

Unread post by Admin » Thu Apr 10, 2008 12:00 am

The Synology Community Forum has grown to where there are a few experienced community members visit the community forum on a periodic basis and continually help out with newer users. These few users have been noted by the community for appreciating their assistance, and as such, these users have been promoted to Honorary Moderators.

As Honorary Moderators, these users have been recognized to be helpful, and their willingness to share their experience and knowledge about Synology products, or computer networks in general.

The Honorary Moderators role is to assist users with their questions, utilizing the resources of the forum, the SynologyWiki, Synology's website or their own experience. Also to help maintain the forum itself, such as removing double/cross posting, deleting spam topics, and moving topics to their appropriate location, to name a few.

Honorary Moderators still must follow the rules of the forum, which is outlined here.

Honorary Moderators are not directly related to Synology in any capacity, what is written by Honorary Moderators is still their own belief or to their knowledge accurate information; as is the same with all other users in this forum.


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