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Anti-Spam Policy

Unread post by Admin » Fri Feb 16, 2007 8:10 am

In order to combat the spam this board recieves daily (about 10-12 spam messages an hour) the following restrictions will be placed on new user accounts

You will not be able to post the following information until the user has reached 10 posts

ICQ Number
AIM Address
MSN Messneger Address
Yahoo Messenger Address

Users with 0 posts will be deleted on a weekly basis.

If you wish to post URLs in threads, you must have three posts to do so. This is useful for users needing to post screen shots. Note, if you wish to post your images now you may increase your post count in the "Testing Room."

Irrelevant posting to increase your post count to gain these privileges or misuse of these privileges will be considered spamming and will not be tolerated. You will receive no warning, your account will be deleted and banned.

*Amendment, 2007.06.29
Users who are suspected of being a spammer will be asked to solve an Elementary Algebra Problem to verify their identity. Apologizes are given for those who find this extra effort to join our community vexatious; however this level of security usually results in a spam-free forum. Failure to respond to the math problem that I give you within 7 days will result in your account being treated as a spammer, and it will handled accordingly. If you do have a question, please look here

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