Surveillance Station - Using DS cam

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Viewing Surveillance Station using Synology DS cam

Overview: This article will cover how to use DS cam, a free application for the Apple iPhone/iPad or Google Android-based phones.
DS cam offers the ability of Live Viewing cameras, taking snap shots, and reviewing recorded surveillance data from the mobile phone where Internet access is available.

Step 1:

  • Before using DS cam, please make sure that Surveillance Station has been enabled, and that IP Cameras are in operation the DiskStation. For further information, please look here
  • Download and install the DS cam software on the Apple AppStore or Android Market
  • Optional: For viewing remotely over the Internet, please make sure that the Surveillance Station service port (default is 5000) has been forwarded to the Internet.

Step 2:

  • Launch the DS cam application

Step 3:

  • DS cam launching...

Step 4:

  • Enter the IP Address and an account which has access to the Surveillance Station Application

Step 5:

  • DS cam will list all of the cameras available for Live View
  • Tapping All Cameras will display the matrix of cameras

Step 6:

  • All Cameras in Portrait view

Step 7:

  • All Cameras in Landscape view

Step 8:

  • Tapping on one camera in previous view will make it full screen
  • If the camera is Pan/Tilt capable through Surveillance Station, swiping a finger across the screen will move the camera in that direction.

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