Mods for Marvell mv5281 ARM-based Synology Products

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The Marvell mv5281 is an ARM architecture based processor, which is used by a select few of Synology products. Because of the differences between this processor, and the former Freescale PowerPC architecture used on earlier Synology products, most mods produced for Freescale PPC processor are incompatible with the Marvell mv5281 processor. The goal of this wiki page is to collect information about mods on this new Synology platform.

Currently, the following models use the Marvell mv5281 Processor
DS107+ (64 or 128MB of RAM)

The DS209 uses a newer version of the Marvell processor with a new kernel that uses a different binary interface, so programs for the older series are not compatible.


There is a Synology forum dedicated to the mv5281 products, please look here


The official cross-compilation toolchain released by Synology is available here

Compiled programs

To see a list of compiled programs for the mv5281, please click here

Alternative vendor independent wiki

GPL sources @

Common info about porting the vanilla kernel to the orion boards