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An index for articles/guides about modifying the Synology server. Click here for the standard contents.

  1. General Disclaimer on Modifying the Synology Server
  2. Synology NAS Server 3rd-Party Application Integration
  3. Overview on modifying the Synology Server, bootstrap, ipkg etc
    1. What kind of CPU does my NAS have
    2. A short list of the more useful 900+ ipkg packages
    3. Files known to be reset by Firmware updates - beware if you modify them
  4. The Command Line Interface (CLI)
    1. Overview: What is CLI, how do I access it, SSH or Telnet?
    2. Enabling the Command Line Interface
    3. Basic commands to get around the Synology Box using the CLI
    4. Basic commands for Linux vi Editor
  5. Apache Web Server Mods
    1. General Info on Apache
    2. Using the Apache web page access controls
  6. Backup Mods
    1. Backup mySQL-database with a cronjob
    2. DataReplicator to LAN NAS to WAN NAS - For critical data with minimum data transfer
    3. How to backup the Synology Server to Amazon S3 Service
    4. How to get your NAS to check you have used DR3 (or A.N.Other Backup software) regularly and email you a reminder if you haven't
    5. How to get your NAS to check you are backing up outlook.pst regularly and email you if you haven't
    6. Keeping incremental directory-tree snapshots using hardlinks and rsync/wget
    7. Use RSync to backup to another directly attached storage
    8. How to use rsync in the presence of symlink
    9. How to use rdiff-backup on a DS
    10. CrashPlan Headless Client
    11. Migrating to Time Backup
  7. Downloading Mods
    1. How to download files from Rapidshare
    2. Update the rTorrent Engine of the Synology Server
    3. Download Torrents with rTorrent and WTorrent (Webinterface)
    4. Installing Transmission with its webinterface for downloading torrents
  8. Multimedia Mods
    1. How to disable the Synology Multimedia Indexing Engine
    2. How to install Wizd Media Server
    3. How to install Zina Media Server
    4. SlimServer on DiskStation (SSODS)
    5. Install KissDX Media Server
  9. MailStation Mods
    1. How to add aliases to mail server accounts
    2. Mail receiving settings - individual port settings
  10. Filesharing Mods (Samba)
    1. How to add additional directories
  11. OpenVPN Mods
    1. How to use your own certificates for connecting
  12. Hardware Mods
    1. How to silence the CubeStation
    2. How to silence the DiskStation 207+
  13. Security Related Mods
    1. How to get the NAS to email you everytime someone logs into the CLI
    2. How to setup a sftp-server
  14. System Management Mods/Information
    1. Disk Related Mods
      1. How to add a second pre-formatted drive to your NAS to copy data from/to
      2. How to downgrade a RAID 1 Volume to Non-RAID
      3. How to give your disks and files a health check and repair basic faults
      4. How to manually mount a USB Hard Disk, including a disk that was part of a RAID1 array
      5. How to prepare a Hard Disk whilst installed in a Synology NAS
      6. How to upgrade HDD for one bay model
      7. How to format external HDD with shell
      8. How to access iSCSI targets temporarily
      9. Spindown issues
    2. Easier User Administration
    3. How does the Synology Linux implementation work, e.g. bootup, device management etc
    4. How to create a Recycle Bin (or Trash can) for the CLI rm command
    5. How to enable NFS Service for the Synology Server
      1. Windows Services for UNIX 3.5 Fast Setup Guide
    6. How to generate custom SSL certificates
    7. How to Move System Folders away from Volume1
    8. How to reinstall current or previous firmware
    9. How to use sub-level folder permissions
    10. How to make your NAS a SYSLOG Server
  15. Other Mods
    1. Step-by-step guide to installing Subversion
    2. Enable HTTP and HTTPS access for Subversion
    3. Email Server Installation Guide
  16. Unsupported configuration changes to synology applications
  17. Mods that don't work
  18. Mods and information specifically for Marvell mv5281 ARM-based Synology Products
    1. Compiled_programs_for_Marvell_mv5281_ARM-based_Synology_Products
  19. Mods and information specifically for Power PC CPU (PPC) Synology Products
    1. Compiled_programs_for_Power_PC_CPU_based_Synology_Products