Join Windows Client Computer to Directory Service

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Overview: This article will cover the basics to join a Windows Client to the Synology Directory Server. The „Synology Directory Server User’s Guide“ contains only description on how to join a DiskStation, Mac or a Linux Client to the Directory Server. But how to join a Windows Client is missing. This is because Windows doesn’t have a LDAP Client Build in.

  • Please make sure that the Synology Directory Server is installed and configured before proceeding.

Step 1

Download the pGina from and Install it on your Windows Clients.
The pGina is a CredentialProvider replacement for Windows which allows alternate methods of interactive user authentication and access management.

Step 2

Start the pGina Configuration to configure pGina for using the Synology Directory Server for authentication. Make sure the pGina Service is Running and the Credential Provider is registered and enabled.

PGina General.jpg

Step 3

In the tap “Plugin Selection” select the plugin “LDAP Authentication”.

PGina Plugin Selection.jpg

Step 4

In the LDAP Plugin Settings Dialog you have to enter the configuration of your Directory Server.

  • LDAP Host(s): name or IP address of the Directory Server.
  • LDAP Port: 636
  • Use SSL: enable
  • DN Pattern: uid=%u,cn=users,dc=sinology,dc=com (the dc values have to be changed depending on your configuration)

Leave the rest to the default values.

PGina LDAP Plugin Settings.jpg

Step 5

In the tap Plugin Order you might change the order of the Authentication Plugins, so the LDAP Authentication is on the top.

PGina Plugin Order.jpg

Step 6

Now you can test the pGina configuration in the Simulation tap. Enter a LDAP user name and it’s password and run the test. If the test results are Success your done, otherwise there is something wrong with the configuration you have entered.

PGina Simulation.jpg