How to use the DiskStation Manager

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This article will briefly cover the basics of managing the Synology DiskStation, using the DiskStation Manager.
This article was written from DSM 2.2-0959.

Step 1: Find the Synology DiskStation

  • Open the Synology Assistant

Step 2:

  • Double-click the DiskStation to be managed.
  • Note the DiskStation's Server name and IP address. Knowing either of these values can be used to access the DiskStation Management Directly, which will be explained later in this article.

Step 3: Logging into the DiskStation Manager

  • A web-browser will open, displaying the Login prompt to the DiskStation Manager.
  • Login to the Synology DiskStation Manager as administrator
  • Note: The DiskStation can be access directly from a web-browser by typing http://servername:5000 or http://ip_address:5000 values from Step 2 into the address bar of the web-browser. Examples follow
    • http://synologywiki01:5000

Step 4:

  • The Desktop is presented; from here, icons of major web-based application services, such as the File Station will be presented here, if that service is active.
  • Proceed by clicking on management.

Step 5:

  • This is the main management screen
  • a = The menu, with all of the application, management utilities and modules to manage the Synology DiskStation
  • b = The "home" field of the DiskStation Manager, containing all of the most common wizards, and a My Favorites Section for storing most commonly requested applications.
    • This field will change depending which application or module is selected from the left side.
    • Application modules can be drag and drop from the left hand side to the My Favorites Section of the home field.
  • c = Links to the Desktop of the DiskStation Manager, Logout of the DiskStation Manager, and Shutdown/Reboot the DiskStation
  • d = Links to active services of the DiskStation Manager, such as File Station, Surveillance Station, etc
  • e = Click on the home button will bring back the main home screen. Click on the Options link to adjust options of the Synology DiskStation Manager
  • f = The Quick Search box can be used to find matching applications within the DiskStation Manager

Step 6: The Quick Search Box

  • The Quick Search box can be used to find matching applications within the DiskStation Manager

Step 7: Finding Online Help within the DiskStation Manager

  • The Online-help of the DiskStation Manager can be found by clicking on the book icon....

Step 8:

  • ...and the help file is displayed.