How to conduct a backup to USB/eSATA Disks

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This article will guide administrators into creating backup jobs which will backup data from the Synology DiskStation to a hard drive, which has been directly attached to the DiskStation using USB or eSATA ports. This method backup is also known as a Local Backup.
This article was written from DSM 2.2-0942.

Preparation of the External Drive

  • If necessary, please format the USB/eSATA Hard drive before conducting a Local Backup.

Create a Local Backup Task

Step 1: Logging in

  • Login to the Synology DiskStation Manager as administrator

Step 2:

  • Proceed to Backup -> Backup and click on Create to start the Backup Task Wizard

Step 3:

  • Click Next to proceed

Step 4:

  • Enter a name for this Backup Task
  • Click Next to proceed

Step 5:

  • Select Local Backup
  • Click Next to proceed

Step 6:

  • Select a Destination of where the backups should be stored
    • This can be an USB, eSATA, or another share located within the DiskStation
    • Enable Incremental Backup will leave files at the destination backup if it is deleted at the source.
  • Click Next to proceed

Step 7:

  • Select which shares to be backed up
  • Click Next to proceed

Step 8:

  • If needed, backup the internal MySQL Database, Photo Station Database, and the Synology Blog database.
    • Note: the root password of the MySQL database is required to be used to backup all user created MySQL databases.
  • Click Next to proceed

Step 9:

  • Set a schedule for when the Local Backup should operate.
  • Click Next to proceed.

Step 10:

  • Review and confirm the Local Backup Settings
  • Click Next to proceed.

Step 11:

  • The Local Backup Task has been successfully created
  • Click Next to proceed.

Step 12:

  • Under Backup Status will indicate the status of the current backup task, such as completed successfully, or failed.


Backup Behavior

  • First backups will be Full Backups, while subsequent backups will be differential backups where files which have been changed will be marked for backup when the backup tasks starts again.
  • If the USB/eSATA Disk is removed during a backup, the next time the backup starts, the Synology DiskStation will execute a full backup.

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