Apple TV connectivity issues

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Apple TV connectivity issues

Postby Grayson54 » Sat Jul 07, 2012 6:22 pm

I use a DS411 as the file server for my iTunes database (though I do not use the iTunes server that is part of DSM). Since installing the DS411, I have been having issues with connectivity to my Apple TV upstairs. I get "An error connecting to file" style error message from Apple TV.

The Apple TV is ethernet-connected to my DS411 and iTunes running on my local PC (not using WiFi). Connection to the Apple TV is done through Linksys Wireless Switch/Router E3200 and a regular Cisco small 5-port switch near the Apple TV. The PC where iTunes is running is a Dell desktop running Windows 7.

I did this same setup when the music files were on my local PC hard drive without difficulty, but now that the change has been made to DS411, I have problems connecting regularly. It will work for, say, 10 songs in a row (as an example) and then stop, with Apple TV showing me this error on screen. Not sure if this makes a difference, but most of the music files are in Apple Lossless format.

Any thoughts? Do I need to change some settings to get it to work? Any help is appreciated.

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