VS80 Questions

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VS80 Questions

Postby GlynH » Sat Feb 25, 2012 6:55 pm

Hi there,

I just found out about the VS80...been looking for something like this for ages

There are many video servers out there that will convert analogue CCTV to IP but I need a device that works the other way ie. convert IP to analogue so I can tap into the cameras and display them on an analogue monitor via composite, S-Video or RGB.

Looks like the VS80 might be the answer to my prayers...if;

1. Instead of using a mouse to control it I could use an IR/RF/IP/Wi-Fi remote, iPhone, iPad etc.

2. I can install more than one VS80 so for example I can have one in my office connected to a spare monitor and then have a second VS80 connected to my TV in the living room. Obviously mouse control in the living room is clunky where a remote control either IR/RF/IP/Wi-Fi or iPhone etc mentioned in 1. above would be perfect :D

Does anyone know if either of these two things are possible and if not then why not? :wink:

Thanks & kind regards,
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Re: VS80 Questions

Postby TexianHero » Fri Jun 01, 2012 9:14 am

Glen, AXIS has a great decoder that will do exactly what you are looking for. Have used it several times and it works great.
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